It's time to get jacked up for Halloween (pun, yah). Please join us for a night of costume, chili, and craft beer fun. As festive as we can possibly be with short notice, prepare to hear, see, and taste some spookily fun times. Details below!

As it was centuries ago, we are also hosting a friendly chili cookoff (we know how serious people take these), along with a costume contest. Prizes for the costume contest are: $50 for the 1st place winner and $30 for the second place winner (must be present at 8PM for judging). Prizes for the best chili: $20 (people's choice award). Num num.

To RSVP for chili cookoff, please click here and enter your info (

For Halloween music ideas, please add them in the comment's section below.

Can't wait! On ahead.