As many of you have noticed, our In The North Newsletter isn't consistently sent out. We apologize for that, but in all things new, we're finding out that implementing anything meaningful or engaging, is difficult to implement. So, rather than shower you with gunk, we wait until there's something worth sharing aloud. If you have a problem with that, we're happy to start relentlessly spamming you.

The past few months have been, once again, crazy for us. With the cooling tides of weather and tourist season, things have generally started to slow, with the local scene starting to boom. It's a nice time of year to slow down, enjoy our neighbors, reflect on what we did well, and what we screwed up. It allows us to recenter and readjust our business for the inevitable return of travelers come May. We rest, and prepare.

In this issue, we're covering a wide range of fun and exciting things going on at the brewery. From our inclusion in Growler Magazine as the showcased Brewer Profile, to the recent launch of our online store, to a brand new festival we're putting together this February - there's a lot to catch you up on. We truly hope you find these updates with meaning, and join us this winter for lineup of fun beers, gear, and events at the brewery.

On ahead,

Jeff Vondenkamp
Co-Founder, Head Brewer

Portage just made GrowlerMag, MN's largest beer magazine.

If you're familiar with Growler Magazine, you know how unreally cool it would be to have a chance to work with these fine folks. Last month, their Chief Editor reached out to invite us to be showcased in their Brewer Profile of the 50th, Kind of a Big Deal, and December issue of the mag. Co-Founder, and Head Brewer, Jeff Vondenkamp, was interviewed about the history, build out, and future for craft beer in Walker. Join us this Saturday, December 2nd, at 3PM for the magazine's release. Grab a free copy to take home, or if you can't make it, read the article online here.

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Online Store is Up / Enjoy 20% Off

Find and buy your favorite Portage gear, no matter where you live. New knit hats just in. And because we're friends, enjoy 20% off using code, BEERISGOOD (expires on 12/7).


Free this February? Join us for the 1st annual:


Join us on the frozen waters of Minnesota's 3rd largest lake for an afternoon party of craft beer, snow golf, live music, a homebrew competition, local foods, and more. Portage Brewing Company, in partnership with the Leech Lake Watershed, Tianna Country Club, Green Scene Organic Market, Reeds, and Trappers Landing, are curating one heck of an on-ice event. 10% of all proceeds will go to the Leech Lake Watershed Foundation. Dress warm. All ages welcome.


Short and sweet - ahhhh. Anyway, thanks for reading. As always, boat, bike (well maybe not anymore), or drive over for a pint, flight, crowler can, or growler. We'll be open all winter to fuel your restlessness. Come north for some skiing, fishing, snowmobiling, fat tire biking, or cabin lounging.

- Portage Brewing Company