It's been a phenomenal amount of time since we talked last - we're sorry for falling off the grid there. Since then, a ton has happened - we brewed our first four beers, finished the taproom, and completed all licensing needed to open and sell beer. (zZz)

With that, it brings us a lot of happiness to tell you that WE OPEN THIS WEEKEND. Well sort of, it's our soft opening but you're all welcome to stop in for a beer on Saturday from 3-10 PM. We're pouring our first few batches so some nostalgia will be flying in the air. Currently tapped is our Coffee Cake Blonde Ale, Lakefellow Pale Ale, Cocoa Wheat Porter, and Wild IPA. We've still got a lot of work to do in the brewhouse, but we're happy nothing's needed to be poured out. Below, are a few photos to get you updated on what's been going on at the brewery.

On Ahead,

Portage Brewing Team